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“I've spent a brilliant time hiking with Camp Caucasus this spring. It was my very first experience, and the first time I spend 3 days outdoor. They helped me with advice about gear before the hike and supported during these 3 days. For me it was not just hiking, but also outdoor education, what I can use on future adventures. I felt like I am with close friends, who really care about me. I would highly recommend spending your vacation with Camp Caucasus, they put passion in what they do, which brings an extremely warm atmosphere on events."

— Avelin, UK

“Firstly, I would like to express my sincere thanks to Pavels and Nino. Thank you for organizing everything for us. Though the tour is a bit tough for the kid, he could finish the whole tour on his own. I am really pleased. I think Pavels is a responsible guide who offered us lots of help, and Nino helped to do every chores during the tour, that is really a tough work.


This is kind of unforgettable tour for us, we will remember it at all times."

— Yuan, CN

“Thank you Camp Caucasus for my adventure tour in Kakheti, Georgia worth every cent I paid. Horse riding, trekking, waterfall swiming, local food, mountain city. I got evrething what was on program, and even bit more - friendly and kind attention. Planing to come back for Borjomi winter adventure tour!"

— Joseph, AU

“Это было очень, очень здорово! Такое количество положительных эмоций, живых эмоций! Полная перезагрузка мозга! Великолепный отдых! Проверка себя на грани своих возможностей! Могу сказать только одно - я хочу еще и я обязательно поеду еще!"

— Anastasija, LV

Это был потрясающий опыт, я классно провел время. Я думаю, что мои родители, брат тоже классно провели время. Я, вам друзья, хочу сказать так: Если вы хотите испытать тоже самое, что и я- кататься на лошадях, подниматься в горы, купаться в водопаде и многое другое, то обращайтесь к Паше, человеку который сделал так что бы нам в этом туре было комфортно и мы не о чем не парились.

— Andrey Bukrey, LV

“So I got to share this incredible experience with the most amazing group of people, we did an expedition in the Georgian Caucasus Mountains trekking up to 3000 metres, seeing Black Rock Lake, averaging about 6-8 hours a day for the week, stayed in the wilderness, rode horses, hiked and climbed up to a waterfall, ate the most delicious food and wine, stayed with the most welcoming host family, shared some beautiful moments together making friendship bonds for life. Thank you to all who were a part of this little journey with me, if you ask me, I would say every human needs the wilderness to feel alive, free and well just plain happy 😊 We were also lucky enough to be a part of their new promo video, very grateful indeed! Nino and Pavels are the perfect pair to show you everything they know in Georgia, they have a relaxed friendly vibe and really show their passion with nature. I can't recommend them enough, sure to have a life-changing adventure!

— Stacey, UK

Hiking tour Lagodekhi national park Geor
Horse riding tour Lagodekhi national par

“Last week was my first experience with Camp Caucasus and first experience with mountain camping in general. In this case the organisers showed a high level of professionality organising these kind of camps. 1) organizational part was up to point; 2) organisers communicated with us properly before the camp to inform what to bring with us/what not to bring/what to expect/ what we will eat etc. in all aspects so I felt prepared; 3)in mountains we can never predict the weather percisely and I liked that organisers were open minded to change something in our scedual so we don't miss the most beautiful sights. 4) One thing I did not prepare myself was that the hiking in mountains was actually hard for me ( and I'm trained :), so be prepared physically. Another thing I did not prepare myself was generosity of Georgian people and a LOT of tasty food there. 🙃”

— Madara, LV

“К организованному отдыху я отношусь довольно скептически, если организован он не мной. При этом с легкостью подпишусь на любое хорошо спланированное и организованное безобразие. И мой отпуск в Грузии с Camp Caucasus это - однозначно мое самое лучшее приключение этого лета. Настолько четких, организованных, знающих и при этом приятных, легких и интересных людей как Павелс и Нино, которые по-настоящему кайфуют от того, что они делают, я не встречала уже лет 20. А это очень важно, когда идешь в горы и проводишь с людьми неделю, практически 24/7, что лично для меня вообще серьезный выход из зоны комфорта. Фантастическая природа, невероятные просторы, горные озера, физическая нагрузка, грузинское гостеприимство, вкуснейшая еда, ужин с мясов в котелке на высоте 3000м, ночевка в горных приютах, вода из источника, облака под ногами, звездное небо - все было и было прекрасно! Camp Caucasus you rock!

— Jana, LV


“Mani vienmēr ir vilinājusi daba un pēdējā laikā kalni. Camp Caucasus mani uzrunāja ar saviem piedzīvojuma stāstiem. Jauni, bet ļoti zinoši cilvēki, Pavels un Nino, izstrādāja interesantu maršrutu pa Gruzijas kalniem, kur bija iespēja izbaudīt vienas dienas kāpienu uz skaisto ūdenskritumu, izjādi ar zirgiem un pašu galveno notikumu trīs dienu ekspedīcija uz skaistajiem Kaukāza kalniem.
Tā kā slimoju ar 1. tipa cukura diabētu, tad Pavels ļoti profesionālie mani sagatavoja šim braucienam, tāpat visu ceļojuma laiku pieskatīja un deva padomus, lai es pilnībā varētu izbaudīju kāpienu Kaukāzu kalnos un Gruzijas viesmīlību. Trīs dienu ekspedīcija bija pārbaudījums man, jo pirms tam nebiju tik ilgi kāpusi kalnā. Nezināju kā būs, bet uzticējos Pavels, jo zināju, ka būšu drošībā un man nenācās vilties, jo es pilnībā izbaudīju šo ceļojumu. Camp Caucasus ļoti rūpējas par saviem klientiem, mūsu grupas biedri to izjuta, un paldies par to viņiem Camp Caucasus.
Ja arī jūs slimojat ar 1. tipa cukura diabētu un vēlaties kāpt kalnos, tad uzticieties Camp Caucasus.”

— Sandra, LV

Hiking tour Lagodekhi national park Geor

“Thank you, Nino and Pavels for the adventure-packed and active week in Georgia at Camp Caucasus adventure camp. It was lovely to hike almost every day and then return to the guest house that felt like home and enjoy Georgian food cooked with love, as well as to recharge with simple, yet nutritious breakfast for the upcoming adventures. 3-day trekking in the mountains was one of the most amazing things I've ever done, as well as the day trips along the rivers to the waterfalls. Even though it was a tough climb in the mountains, it was worth the effort, to see all the breathtaking views and untouched wilderness. What's more, Nino and Pavels sincerely took good care of each and everyone in our little group and it just felt like exploring outdoors with good friends. Their enthusiasm and positivity about being in nature is quite sticky!”

— Baiba, LV

Hiking tour Lagodekhi national park Geor

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